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Staff at Kate Andrews High School

 2016/2017 School Year - Semester 1

Teaching Staff:

Alexander-Schimpf, Kim CALM, Tourism, Drama
Arroyo, Arlene Math
Baraniecki, Robyn Physics, Chemistry
Brett, Caitlyn Athletic Director, Phys. Ed.
Fritschy, Harry Principal, Science 14
Gibson, Mike Social Studies, Sports Medicine
Godin, Scott Band, Choir, Occupational Planning, Phys. Ed.
Hagen, Lindsey Vice Principal, Learning Support
Hanna, Nicole Math 9, Phys. Ed.
Holland, Kevin Hockey, Financial Mgt., Sports Leadership, Math
Horlacher, Rod Construction & Fabrication
Martin, Grace Forensics, Science 9, Phys. Ed. 9, Math 9
Murray, Kathleen Art
Oikawa, Scott English
Roelofs, Angie Foods, Cosmetology, Fashion Studies
Schilling, Jason English, Psychology
Scott, Kelly Drama, Language Arts 9, Social Studies, Health 9
Swen, Nicole English, Language Arts 9, Health 9
Terakita, Ron Biology, Science
Wetmore, Joel Social Studies

Support Staff:

Bell,  Darby Secretary
Cnossen, Ken Head Caretaker
Darby, Kristy Secretary
Deren-Reck, Paulla Educational Assistant
Gallagher, Diane Educational Assistant
Janzen, Maxine Educational Assistant
Janzen, Sue Educational Assistant
Mutch, Lavonn Family School Liaison Counsellor
Neufeld, Teresa Educational Assistant
Roth, Debbie Caretaker
Santangelo, Kandis Educational Assistant
Schmidt, Susan Career & Academic Counsellor
Thompson, Kathleen Caretaker
Thompson, Sandra Educational Assistant
Urton, Tyra Educational Assistant
Walmsley, Paddie Educational Assistant
Wiersema, Bridgette Educational Assistant
Wittebolle, Gina Librarian


Constable Doug Sokoloski - R.C.M.P. School Resource Officer